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NORSOK Qualification of VSMPO Titan Ukraine Ltd.

In January 2012, as a result of taking part in qualification program of Statoil, VSMPO Titan Ukraine Ltd. was included into the list of approved suppliers according to NORSOK M-650, Rev. 4 (qualification of special material manufacturers).

According to the comments of Statoil representative, VSMPO Titan Ukraine Ltd. is the first manufacturer of seamless tubes from titanium and its alloys which is entered into this list of subcontractors.

NORSOK standard was developed by the leading representatives of Norwegian petroleum industry (including Statoil & Phillips) and is owned by Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF). Standard is used mainly for exploration and development of sea oil fields.

Statoil is a Norwegian state oil company and first-rate Northern European supplier of crude oil and natural gas on the world market.

NORSOK Qualification gives opportunity of taking part in engineering and building projects of oil-and-gas industry and shelf developments, construction of static and floating oil-and-gas extracting platforms, etc.



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