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During the seven months of 2010 enterprise managed to produce 233,039 tons of titanium tube products (428,797 thousand meters), including 219,039 tons (428,233 thousand meters) of seamless cold-worked tubes and 13,976 tons (0,564 thousand meters) of seamless hot-worked tubes in cooperation with "Interpipe Niko Tube".


On the 31st of July a KPW 25 mill manufactured by "SMS MEER GmbH" was delivered.

KPW 25 mill manufactured by "SMS MEER GmbH" is intended for producing tubes from titanium and titanium alloys with diameter from 6.0 mm to 30.0 mm and wall thickness from 0.4 mm to 4.5 mm.


Capacity of this mill 2.5 — 4 times exceeds existing cold pilger mills, and is 10 — 14 times higher then rollers mills have. This fact allows receiving products of high quality with maximum capacity.


By the 31st of August it is planned to start assembling and installation works of the mill.



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