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Press-release for 9 months of 2010

For 9 months of 2010 the enterprise has produced 342,587 tons of titanium tube products (613,190 thousand meters), including 317,384 tons (611,929 thousand meters) of seamless cold-worked tubes and 25,203 tons (1,261 thousand meters) of seamless hot-worked tubes in cooperation with Interpipe Niko Tube Ltd.

Works on installation of mill KPW 25LC of Company SMS Meer GmbH are in progress. The significant volume of electric installation work, installation of main drive with engine and plate together with the stand have been already made. Installation of mill entry side with drawing frames, feed screw, feeding and rotating mechanism has been already made. Now the installation of equipment in lubricating section, pipelines of lubricating systems, hydraulics, feeding with rolling oil is being carried out.



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